Prague – Pilsen Run

14. 9. 2024

1 day full of experiences
1-10 a relay team race

About the run

  • Registered teams
  • Category (# of runners)
    1. - 35.
    36. - 70.
    71. - 100.
  • RELAX (8 - 10)
    8 700 Kč
    10 500 Kč
    12 500 Kč
  • ULTRA (5 - 7)
    6 800 Kč
    7 400 Kč
    8 550 Kč
  • ELITE (3 - 4)
    3 890 Kč
    4 100 Kč
    4 990 Kč
  • COUPLE (2)
    1 990 Kč
    2 150 Kč
    2 500 Kč
  • EXTREME (1)
    1 250 Kč
    1 450 Kč
    1 990 Kč

The Prague – Pilsen run combines both the joy of jogging and competition, and it’s a race for everyone. Anyone can participate – women, men, athletes of various performance categories, a group of friends, corporate teams or sport clubs. The participants can choose a category which suits them. Some ultra marathon runners, who will run the whole race on their own or in pairs, will also participate.

The race starts in the River Kiosk Spa in Radotín, Prague, on Saturday 14. 9. 2024 and 80 % of the race will be held on a cycle route no. 3.

After 10 baton passes, the race finishes in Pohoda Sportpension in Pilsen-Letkov.

The starting fee covers:

  • Start numbers
  • Timer (we will hold the clock on the start, every second baton pass and the finish)
  • Refreshment on every baton pass and in the finish (water, ion supply drink, fruit, gingerbread)
  • Medal
  • Presenter
  • Medical service
  • Pořadatele na trase a pro parkování
  • Warm up at the start
  • Transportation of personal belongings for single runners (EXTREME category)
  • Shower after the race
  • First of all, great fun and experience!


1. ÚSEK 8,7 km (celý po C3)
GPS 49.9749478N, 14.3586186E → 49.9293603N, 14.2982111E

Praha Radotín, Kiosek Říční lázně Salming Všenory

2. ÚSEK 11,5 km (celý po C3)
GPS 49.9293603N, 14.2982111E → 49.8950128N, 14.1826389E

Salming Všenory Svinaře, pole u silnice pod zámkem

3. ÚSEK 9 km
GPS 49.8950128N, 14.1826389E → 49.8574778N, 14.1078614E

Svinaře, pole u silnice pod zámkem Vižina, fotbalové hřiště

4. ÚSEK 10,9 km
GPS 49.8574778N, 14.1078614E → 49.84967N, 13.9778911E

Vižina, fotbalové hřiště Lochovice, parkoviště za Coopem km

5. ÚSEK 10 km (celý po C3, jen start cca 100 m od C3)
GPS 49.84967N, 13.9778911E → 49.8186167N, 13.8643531E

Lochovice, parkoviště za Coopem km Osek parkoviště u Fyziovitalu km

6. ÚSEK 10,6 km (celý po C3)
GPS 49.8186167N, 13.8643531E → 49.7531514N, 13.7909758E

Osek parkoviště u Fyziovitalu km Těně, plocha na konci vesnice

7. ÚSEK 10,8 km
GPS 49.7531514N, 13.7909758E → 49.7154367N, 13.6859728E

Těně, plocha na konci vesnice Dobřív, parkoviště Restaurace a Pension Hamrovka

8. ÚSEK 8,8 km
GPS 49.7154367N, 13.6859728E → 49.7428692N, 13.5947322E

Dobřív, parkoviště Restaurace a Pension Hamrovka Rokycany, Masarykovo náměstí

9. ÚSEK 9 km
GPS 49.7428692N, 13.5947322E → 49.7527564N, 13.5122194E

Rokycany, Masarykovo náměstí Autokemp Ejpovice

10. ÚSEK 10,9 km
GPS 49.7527564N, 13.5122194E → 49.7301922N, 13.4728192E

Autokemp Ejpovice Sportpenzion Pohoda, Plzeň-Letkov.

GPS 49.7301922N, 13.4728192E

Sportpenzion Pohoda, Plzeň-Letkov.


Main Partner
Medial partners
Thanks to

Lukáš Fišer, the chairman of the HBPK -DSO association

Martina Beranova, the mayor of Kyšice

Jaroslav Křivánek, the mayor of Lochovice

Václav Kočí, the mayor of Rokycany, Tomáš Rada, the 1st vice-mayor of Rokycany

Miroslav Knotek, District of Prague 16-Radotín, mayor's 1st Deputy

Rostislav Kotil, mayor of Letkov

The village Vižina, Kamil Hrzal, a secretary of TJ Vižina

Pavel Ševčík, mayor of Podbrdy

Autocamp Ejpovice